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Leadership Accelerator

The Epic Teams Leadership Accelerator program is Silicon Valley's premiere training experience for today's leaders. 

The Leadership Accelerator uses a powerful and cost-effective peer group training format designed to produce the highest caliber team leaders for your fast moving company. 

This 6-month program is perfect for:

  • existing leaders who are cultivating their craft as people and team developers

  • early-stage and mid-level managers who are learning to manage direct reports and teams 

  • high-potential millennials who are in decision-making roles 

How does it work?

The Leadership Accelerator is about sustained behavior change that leads to meaningful results for your company. During the course of 6 months, we provide:

A Dedicated Coach: Each leader works one-on-one with an executive coach to make improvements in the areas revealed through our multi-pronged behavioral assessments.

Group Trainings:  We come to your location to facilitate inspiring and action-oriented trainings on relevant leadership skills.

Peer Coaching: In between group sessions, leaders peer coach one another to practice their new skills as people developers. 

Metrics-Based Evaluations: We administer regular evaluations throughout the program to assess leadership competencies, as well as track improvements in business results that occur as a result of the training. 

Exec Summary: We keep your execs in the loop and offer additional ongoing support programs for your leaders.  

"This is my favorite time of the week!" 

overhead in a recent Epic Teams training

The 5 Epic Team Leader Principles

Leaders in the program develop the following five principles needed for today's high velocity world.

#1 Personal Leadership: 

  • Epic Team Leaders have a personal and professional mission that inspires their growth as a leader.
  • They have deep self-awareness of one's creative and reactive tendencies.
  • They can easily shift unproductive emotions into a collaborative mindset. 
  • They cultivate an authentic leadership style and build trust by communicating with intent. 
  • They cultivate positive and productive relationships with team members.
  • They know how to diagnose when relationships go awry and have effective communication skills for "difficult conversations"

#2 Career Intelligence:

  • Epic Team Leaders regularly plan, track, and evaluate one's career growth and development.
  • They proactively assess their own engagement and performance levels and make necessary adjustments to "stay in the game." 
  • They proactively seek feedback and guidance so that they continuously improve in their role.
  • They are continuously learning new skills as their role evolves in the near and mid-term future.  

#3 Work-Life Intelligence: 

  • Epic Team Leaders reduce burnout by prioritizing high value activities for rest, health, and play that enable them to flourish as human beings - both inside and outside of work.
  • They understand which of their functions and goals contribute the most value for the company and schedule their work time accordingly. 
  • They schedule creative and strategic tasks to take advantage of optimal "brain flow" time,  and know how to protect that time from interruptions.  

#4 People Development: 

  • Epic Team Leaders attract and land top talent for their teams with effective hiring strategies and company pitches that work
  • They retain key players by periodically meeting with them to align company priorities with personal desires for career growth and development
  • They help their people perform their role by establishing expectations, continually coaching for real-time improvements, and creating a healthy accountability structure that results in extraordinary outcomes.  

#5 Team Coaching:

  • Epic Team Leaders create a healthy team environment with mutually established goals, roles, and norms
  • They know how to motivate their teams, with the ability to diagnose team problems and successfully intervene when necessary.
  • They facilitate effective team meetings for high-quality divergent and convergent thinking
  • They foster a productive culture by embodying the Epic Team Leader principles
  • They keep their team focused on the core performance areas that matter. 

Long-Term Outcomes for Your Company: 

The Leadership Accelerator yields significant ROI for your company in the following ways. 

  • Retain your top employees by investing in the #1 desired perk - personal growth and development

  • Attract the best and brightest candidates by demonstrating your commitment to leadership development

  • Create a steady pipeline of A-players for leadership succession 

  • Increased engagement and performance of your brightest leaders

  • Increased abilities of your leaders to meet or exceed company expectations of team deliverables

  • Increased cross-functional effectiveness through the development of meaningful bonds with peer leader

  • A positive lasting impact in workplace culture through a shared common language of leadership principles and tools

Epic Teams has been the biggest innovation in team development for me. During my tenure as Director of 72U at 72andSunny, I’ve led 12 multidisciplinary creative teams. Over this time, I’ve explored many different techniques to help teams grow creatively and professionally. The skills we learned have been a total game-changer. I am seeing huge improvements in the way we communicate and create together. I cannot recommend this training enough to anyone who leads and works within teams.
— Maria Scileppi, Creative Resident at IDEO and Former Director of 72U

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