Upgrade your Leaders

with leadership training for today's tech companies

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Upgrade your Leaders

with leadership training for today's tech companies

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You're in a race for talent. 

Stop wasting countless hours and hard-earned cash looking for outside talent when you can develop the full potential of your people.

Epic Teams helps you attract and retain the best though high-impact leadership training designed for today's fast growing companies. 

Based in South Park in San Francisco, we serve companies throughout the Bay Area. 

How You Win

How You Win

The most successful Silicon Valley businesses succeed because they recruit, manage, and retain an incredibly talented team of entrepreneurial employees.
— Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn

The Leadership Accelerator:

The Epic Teams Leadership Accelerator is Silicon Valley's premiere training experience for tech leaders. 

We equip your people to lead like pros in today's high-velocity world. Using a highly effective peer group format that improves real work in real time, our trainings help you:  

  • increase the performance of your top people   
  • attract and retain the best and brightest
  • ensure a steady pipeline of exceptional leaders for your company's future

What Clients Say

“The Epic Teams training has been the biggest innovation in team development for me.” 

- Maria Scileppi, Director of 72U at 72andSunny

"The tools offered were extremely relevant and easy to integrate into our company structure," 

- Jennifer Kartinger, CEO at OMPower

"This was a fantastic way to firm up relationships around the office." 

- A.M., Software Engineer, AllTrails

"Valuable experience with great takeaways for both teams and individuals."

- G.C., L&D Program Manager, Electronic Arts 

"The team loved working with Shannon. I cannot give Epic Teams a higher recommendation."

- Jen Kim, Employee Experience, Lever

"Thanks to Epic Teams, we are already seeing a positive shift in how we approach people development in our company."

- Mor Sidi, Head of Operations, Zendrive


Speaking and Workshops

Speaking and Workshops

"How to Equip Leaders for the Emerging Machine Age"

June 28, 2017

3:30 - 4:45


San Francisco

How do you thoughtfully guide young leaders for a successful career in the emerging Machine Age?

In this talk, we’ll discuss two key trends, the Tour of Duty and the Age of AI, as well as the top 10 management skills leaders need to flourish in the near-term world of flexible employment and AI “co-workers.” 

To meet the challenges ahead, we’ll discuss how to produce T-shaped leaders, with deep disciplinary knowledge in at least one area and the ability to function as adaptive innovators across disciplinary boundaries. 




Dr. Shannon Hall, founder of Epic Teams

Meet Dr. Shannon Hall, Founder 


I'm a sociologist and leadership coach who helps high-growth companies cultivate the collective intelligence of their teams.  

Before founding Epic Teams, I worked in startup, corporate, and nonprofit workplaces applying behavior science to drive change.

Along the way, I noticed that even when organizations have a compelling vision, inspiring founders, and competent team members, it doesn't always equate to a high-performing team environment.

Using my background as a Sociologist of Technology and Organizations, I help companies with: 

  • internal leadership development,
  • team formation and growth, and
  • engagement and performance system upgrades.  

I use an innovative approach that's tailored for today's young companies and delivered in a rapid, cost-effective, and high-impact manner. 

The results are:  

  • Socially and emotionally intelligent leaders and teams
  • Proactive leaders who drive their own personal and professional growth
  • Balanced leaders and teams who focus on high-value activities for work and life
  • Leaders who are People Developers for continuous improvements in individual performance
  • Leaders who are Team Developers for continuous improvements in team performance 

Curious to learn more? Let's chat!